Radio Déjà Vu


Radio Deja Vu, Best oldies EVER, the only REAL "Best Oldies" radio, 7/24, NO AD, only good music. 

The only radio that never forgets to remember, La radio qui adore aussi les mamans et papas de... <3

so get connected from now on as well as from your smartphones, And don't forget, to sit down, relax and ENJOY  <3 


A special thanks to  à Matthieu Chedid, Brad Thomas Ackley et Dorion Fiszel pour le lovely jingle.

La goutte d'eau n'arrivera jamais à percer le rocher par la force, mais par la persévérance  <3


IMPORTANT!!!! you can listen to us through your smartphone while in your car (in traffic jams  via bluetooth) that will definitely ease your suffering :)




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Michael Jackson

On the Wall

Grand Palais, Galerie sud-est
- 23 November 2018 - 14 February 2019







"Hier encore il avait 20 ans", et aujourd'hui il nous a quitté... Bon voyage Mr Charles Aznavour 



NO! that cannot possibly be true !! R.I.P Ari    




I like it
Orly Shefa Mazor
I LIKE it !!! Brings back memmories of great times in my life:)
Un radio pour ceux et celles suffisamment jeunes pour s’en souvenir. Merci !

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