Radio Déjà Vu


Radio Deja Vu, Best oldies EVER, the only REAL "Best Oldies" radio, 7/24, NO AD, only good music.

Today, 9 years ago (on 12th Jan 2012)  I created radio-dejavu.com for a very simple reason : I was looking desperately for a station with “good and oldies” music, a station that would remind each and everyone of us a moment in their lives.... and if possible without advertising. I didn’t find it! So... I created one❤️ I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped me to make this dream become true. To K-earth 101 in LA the 1st radio I loved (even though too much talking and ads). To Aurélien Wiik, for pushing me to join a web radio, to my hubby that helped me to work it out and discover great tracks, as did my kiddoes Sarai & Dorion. I thank so much M (Matthieu Chedid), Brad Thomas Ackley and Dorion Fiszel for the wonderful Jingle created especially for radio deja-vu. I commit myself to continue to explore and discover more and more endless pearls to share with you. Keep on  with radio dejavu, don’t stop to remember and never get enough. Sit down,relax and simply ENJOY ❤️




comme à la maison (en mieux !). merci merci !
Lots of inspiration in here... !
Super playlist Ayala! merci. Plein de bisous, Didou

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