Radio Déjà Vu


Radio Deja Vu, Best oldies EVER, the only REAL "Best Oldies" radio, 7/24, NO AD, only good music. 

The only radio that never forgets to remember, so get connected from now on as well as from your smartphones, And don't forget, to sit down, relax and ENJOY  <3 

A special thanks to  à Matthieu Chedid, Brad Thomas Ackley et Dorion Fiszel pour le lovely jingle.

La goutte d'eau n'arrivera jamais à percer le rocher par la force, mais par la persévérance  <3 



facebook:  www.facebook.com/RadioDejaVu.Oldies/







Hello Hanan,

To find us on Android, you can go through "Radio King" (blues section) :) Enjoy!



Enfin de la très bonne musique !

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